Our personal training programs are a perfect balance for conditioning for weight loss/control, proper movement, functional strength, and flexibility.

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30 day money back guarantee

After your strategy session, put us to the test for 30 days! If you are following your personalised program and you don’t feel like we are meeting your needs, we’ll give you your money back and we can part as friends.


Personal Trainers Windsor Brisbane 5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings. 2 user reviews.
Personal Trainers Windsor Brisbane

I Dropped The Baby Weight And Got Into The Best Shape Ever”

I've lost the baby weight and I’m still going strong. I not only feel amazing I have the support and direction I need to reach my goals”Presentation1 (2013_12_31 08_09_08 UTC)
Personal Trainers Windsor Brisbane

“The best executive decision I've made was to shape up”

Paul Elby designed a fitness regime that has brought me back to a level I have not felt since I was 30.IMG_3722

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